I have been mixing for a long time and I am pretty particular about what equipment I use.   I am a total gearwhore, if something comes out and it will sound better, work better, allow more creativity, I WANT IT!

I do a lot of research on the equipment I buy – reading, testing, seeking out user’s opinions, etc… I usually know more about the products I get than the sales people making the commission on the sale.

In 2011 I invested in a new Macbook Pro, several hard drives, MIDI controllers, and a video converter box – all of which allowed me to move into video mixing. 2012 brought a much anticipated pair of EV ZXa5-90’s to the fold, allowing serious levels of sound at high quality and completing out my second mobile sound system. High end equipment is a big investment, but I feel the people paying me to perform deserve the best quality equipment I can realistically obtain. Also recently added was a complete Pioneer DDJ-SZ, Traktor S4 system, complete with Scratch upgrade, new condensor mic, and an EV ZXa1 sub for the studio & small setups. Soon to be picking up another Macbook Pro, a Facade and a Honda Inverter Generator. Future purchases to include the new Rane MP2016 mixer, all new lighting, and a Danley SM80/TH-118 PA system. I will soon be upgrading my current Macbook Pro with two SSDs and another 8g of RAM will extend it’s working life another year or two.

I am currently running Serato DJ & MIx Emergency with the above setup.

Here is my current setup:
Macbook Pro 17″
Toshiba Satellite 15″
DJ Software:
Serato Scratch Live
Serato DJ
Mix Emergency
VDJ Pro 7 & 8
Traktor Scratch Pro2
Pioneer Rekordbox 
Mixing Gear:
Pioneer DDJ-SZ
System 2:
Korg Zero4 Mixer
Rane SL3 Audio Interface
Denon HS5500 Media Player/Controllers
Denon DN-HC1000s MIDI controller
Korg Nano Kontrol MIDI controller
Technics 12010 MK5 Turntables
Stanton STR8-150 Turntables
Ortofon CCS-120 Needles
Pioneer HDJ2000 Headphones
Traktor S4 Controller
Traktor Z1 Controller
Allan & Heath Zed10FX 10 channel Mixing Console 
Line 6 XD-V70 Wireless Mic
Sterling Audio ST51 Condensor Mic
Sure Beta 58 & EV wired Mics
Electrovoice ZXa5-90 Speakers
Electrovoice SX200 Speakers
Electrovoice ZXa1 Subwoofer
Crown XLS402 Amplifier
Yorkville LS800p Subwoofer
Mackie MR8 Studio Monitors
Samson Resolv 65 Studio Monitors
Chauvet Min Pin Moving Head
American DJ Revo III
LED Wash Lights