The Record Wall

Just finished adding a record wall to my studio. I can change which records are displayed any time and having 25 years of vinyl gives me a lot of choices. Each record up there brings back a lot of memories. Hard to see, but right in the center is my autographed copy of “The Wall” by Pink Floyd. Hung out several times with Roger Waters when I was spinning in Daytona Beach. Some crazy times, for sure…


New gear!

Recently added a pair of Electrovoice EV ZXa5-90’s to my system. These are the best non-array powered speakers money can buy. I have been wanting a pair for sooo long, finally the right opportunity came along. 1250 Watts per cabinet, realistically will take at least 4 18″ subs to keep up!

Another deal I couldn’t pass up makes me the new owner of a complete Traktor setup.
Traktor S4, Z1, Scratch upgrade, and road case at a price I couldn’t refuse. While I haven’t had time to set it all up and play with it yet, the videos I have watched online show an ability for a lot of creativity with the music – especially house music. Once I get a little familiar with it, there will be some new house mixes on here for sure.

New Mix

Here is a 66 minute mix that I threw together the other night while at home. One take, no overdubs or studio work. Not the best mixing I have done, but a good vibe to the mix. Mostly new tracks with a few classics thrown in. Enjoy!

You can stream and listen here or click the download button to get the MP3. File size almost 100 meg.


Hot Bikes, Hot Food, Hot Music!

Live at Eurocycles of Tampa Bay Customer Appreciation Cookout and Bike Contest on Saturday July 30. Over 150 awesome Ducatis, BMWs, MV Agustas, and many other makes showed up on an incredibly hot day for some good barbecue and great conversation. Being a Ducati rider myself, and a member of Tampa Bay Desmo, it was great to be able to provide music & visuals for the party and see some awesome motorcycles. I can’t wait until the next one!

More Photos in the Pictures Section

One from the archives – 1998 Bourbon St. Mix

Blow the dust off of this one! From Bourbon St. in Clearwater, FL somewhere around 1998, this vinyl and CD mix was recorded live during one of the club’s infamous “Fat Tuesdays”. Mostly top 40 and Florida Breaks, this mix still makes me smile, there was so much energy in that room! This is a 75 minute mix so it will take a minute or two to start playing if you are listening to the streaming link.


Fantasy – Acid Factor
Feel This Way – GroovKidz
Da Dip – Freak Nasty          <- doesn’t really belong here, but have to keep  the
booty-shakin’ girls happy…
I don’t need your love – Angelina
Summertime Summertime – Corina
I’m Gonna Luv U – Summer Junkies
Funk Phenomena – Armand Van Heldon
A Little Bit of Ecstacy – Jocelyn Enriquez
No Greater Love – Westbrook Project
Love Me Down – INOJ
Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Baby D
Bring Your Luv To Me – Merlyn
Can You Feel It –
Freak It – Lathun
Stay In Love – Mon-A-Q
Soul Music – Tony Faline
Take Me Higher – Tony Allen
Take Me Away – Mix Factory
Rock The Funky Beats – Natural Born Chillers
Without You – Willie Mix & Darrell Nutt

Live From Votka Lounge – Clearwater, FL 04-2011

Here is a small mix I made while testing out the recording settings with Serato and the Rane TTM57SL. It is early in the night and includes mostly 90’s tracks.


Track   Title                                       Artist

1.       Finally                          Cece Penniston
2.       Show Me Love            Robin S.
3.      Hate That I Love You    Ne-Yo & Rihanna
4.      Fireflies                        Owl City
5.     Good Life                     Inner City
6.     Missing                        Everything But The Girl
7.     Dust In Gravity             Delerium Ft. Kreesha Turner